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Clowns Full-Tilt

Clowns FULL-TILT: A Musing on Aesthetics

Clowns Ex Machina flim-flams some lofty answers to big questions about art and beauty.  We match our humor against the 2-dimensional – flattening ourselves into famous paintings, even squeezing ourselves into one-dimensional, stock characters of advertisements and TV.  Through a series of short vignettes, songs and dances, Clowns Ex Machina creates an absurd and chimeric brew of animated great art and shallow cosmetics commercials, exploring the chains of culture, and the perversion of pure impulse.   From an exuberant foundation of sheer folly, arises a sophisticated, multi-media evening of clown theatre.

November 2011 - - La MaMa’s First Floor Theatre as part of their 50th Anniversary Season. May 2011 - - The Hatched Sequel Series (work in progress)