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Clown Axioms

A gory, romantic tale (told by clowns)

Clown Axioms is filled with familiar figures from fairy tales and gothic romances – a clown demonstrates the irritating experience of being dismembered and baked in a Grimm-style pie; inane fairies brush their teeth; a clown searches for an audience member to cram a too-small shoe onto her foot; a black-garbed Victorian clown moans a melodramatic farewell before sacrificing herself in a burning building.  Clown Axioms is filled with impressionistic moments of romance, betrayal, and transformation – a dreamscape explored with tenderness, sweetness and gleeful humor.

July 2008 -- Collective: Unconscious underground zero Festival (work-in-progress) September 2009 -- FAB Fourth Festival (excerpts) October 2009 -- The Club at LaMaMa October 2009 -- Free Night of Theatre Union Square Free for All (excerpts)