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Oil of Olé

Flamenco Girl’s Clown Tablao

with Alfonso Cid and Arturo Martinez

A Clowns Ex Machina Project


With: Alfonso Cid, Kendall Cornell, Arturo Martinez, Aurora Reyes

and members of Clowns Ex Machina  

Mis-en-scene:  Sean Ryan


Spain.  Dance.  Music.  And Clown.

Passionate dance.  Soul-filled music.  The smells of Spain.   And… a clown.   This night of traditional flamenco spins out of control -- and Lorca spins in his grave -- as Flamenco Girl brings her own brand of comedy duende to the Tablao.   A dynamic mixture of cante, guitar, dance, surprises, jealousy, daggers, and astonishing absurdity, Oil of Olé! rocks the flamenco casa with dangerous laughter.

 The Club at LaMaMa 2013