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Watch The Bad'Uns Promo Video

Each night an audience arrives. And on another night a separate audience arrives. They see a show.
But have they seen the same show?
A brash, new perspective on theatre.

LaMaMa Experimental Theatre Club presents

Kendall Cornell’s Clowns Ex Machina in

The Bad’uns: Clown Acts of Contagion

Women in dangerously, dangerously bad moods.  Portrayed by clowns.  
A darkly comic look at the legends of famous women criminals, outlaws and killers.
The physical, funny, bewitching, satirical work of the all-women clown troupe Clowns Ex Machina is ripe for these days we live in.
Unruly, riotous and heart-breaking clown-theatre.
November 7-17th, 2019  
Thursday to Saturday at 7PM; Sunday at 3PM
The Downstairs at LaMaMa
66 East 4th Street

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