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Exploring the Bozo Mystique, and Defining Funny on Their Own Feminine Terms
 CEM profiled in The New York Times
their joie de vivre casts its spell.
full review
You have to see this troupe in person in order to appreciate what they do…. We are left with something like the pleasantly full feeling one gets from a delicious, well-curated, exceptionally creative restaurant meal.
Not your mother's female clowns, they make Ball and Burnett look tame!

They dance, they sing and they act with a non-stop, cleverly devised flow of one scene to the next.  Everything is done with vigor, balletic grace, and infectious ebullience and everything is underlined by great wit — to say nothing of knowledge of art, literature and the classics. Serious ideas lie behind the laughter – and you’re laughing all the time.

This fresh vision subtly reinterprets social assumptions and turns them on their head, and that's where the comedy lies.

alternately silly and sophisticated, whimsical and weird, engrossing and entertaining... I fell off my chair laughing!

Attitude Dance Magazine
Mainly what we feel is that we're having a blast, because Not Just for Shock Value is so darned much fun.... Practically every comic idea lands, which is remarkably impressive; and the range of these ideas... is pretty impressive as well…. (Martin Denton)
kaleidoscopically-dizzying physical theater of the absurd with a wicked steel edge that organizes itself just below an insinuating charm that you can't, for the life of you, escape; so don't even try it.