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Not Just For Shock Value

A Femmes-Clowns Assemblage

In Not Just For Shock Value, the troupe unrolls a humorous “assemblage” -- a series of visual vignettes, short sketches and madcap dance numbers that zig-zag between broad humor and the darkly satirical. Three witches make a disgusting love potion; an entire wagon train goes west; modern dance is made new; and Pandora opens her box.  "One of the funniest and best-assembled shows in town," says

September 2007 -- La Mama Cabaret (excerpts) FAB Festival May 2007 -- La Mama Annex (excerpts) La Mama Moves Dance Festival April 2007 -- Emerging Artists Theater (excerpts) Laugh Out Loud Series April 2007 -- Presented by Six Figures Theatre Co. West End Theater March 2007 -- New York Downtown Clown Revue (excerpts) November/December 2006 -- Six Figures Theatre Co. Artists of Tomorrow Festival (work in progress)