Clowns Ex Machina is troupe of all women clowns creating gleeful theatre together.   Kendall Cornell, creator and director, formed the troupe to explore and reveal the unique resonance of women clowns en masse.  Clowns Ex Machina’s ensemble shows blend short vignettes, songs, dances, heart, and humor to make fresh, sophisticated and inspiring theatre. 

We aim to glide open-heartedly from delicate vulnerability to unabashed ridiculousness with a gusto and poetry those surprises, uplifts and makes community of the audience.
Kendall says:  “I dream of a world where a woman, too, can claim the job of village idiot, or be anointed as the skewering high jester of the realm.  A magnificent world with women clowns!”

** Clowns Ex Machina (klaunz  ĕks mä-ki-nə) was formerly Kendall Cornell’s Soon-To-Be-World-Famous-Women’s Clown Troupe.  Why did we change our name? Both troupe names are fun to say, but one is snappier.  And sometimes that’s how we like things – lean, clean and snappy.

Why all women clowns?
What does the troupe name mean?
What happened to Kendall Cornell’s Soon-To-Be-World-Famous Women’s Clown Troupe?
What was the spark for assembling the troupe?
How did you meet/find the members of the troupe?
What is a clown?
How do you create your shows?
Do you laugh in rehearsals or is it all hard work?